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Support Oduduwa Republic!
Support Self- Determination

According to the Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA), the collection of fees paid by the concessionaire handling terminal operations in the ports, shipping and harbour dues and rent from its lands, among others. Each year, the NPA generates on the average, N10trillion from Apapa Wharf, Tin Can Port, Delta Ports, Calabar Ports, Rivers Ports and Onne Port. And according to the Nigerian Bureau of Statistic, 90% of the NPA revenue comes from the Yoruba South-West region (including the Itshekiri area). The ports in the South-South region, brings forth the balance of 10% revenue of the Nigeria Ports Authority.


Young Yoruba For Freedom Establishment

Young Yoruba for Freedom, once known as Noble Yoruba Youths, is a conservative youth organization established in 2012 by young Yorubas under the age of 35 years. Our mission is to ensure that the growing number of young Yorubas understand and are inspired by the ideas of freedom, individual freedom, strong national defense, free enterprise and self-preservation. Adeyinka Shoyemi has begun the movement to stir up the imagination of Yoruba youths and awaken their popular enthusiasm, develop their critical thinking, their ability to observe, understand and analyze problems considerably and appeal to their consciousness to support the return to the regional government system or explicitly. dissolution of Nigeria in the favor of Oduduwa Republic.


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